This page contains previous ‘Shining Light’ leaflets and other tracts. They have been created as PDF files ready for printing and are usually printed using an online commercial printing company. They may be used for the furtherance of the gospel as they are presented here. Please download them and use them for spreading the gospel. Should you wish to use or edit any of the articles individually please use the contact page and we will make the text file available.

Shining light gospel leaflet

The ‘Shining Light’ leaflet started in 2009 when it was delivered twice a year to about 2000 houses in east Belfast (Northern Ireland). It has since been used in other areas of Belfast and England. There are several who contribute to the making of each issue and the desire of the editor and all those involved is that it might be made available for anyone else to use and distribute. If you feel unable to design a leaflet and would like to use the ‘Shining Light’ then please download these files for printing.


A tract containing only references to scripture and a short explanation at the end to explain the gospel message.
A tract containing only references to scripture emphasising what we had done, what God has done and what we need to do. There is also a short explanation at the end to explain the gospel message.
A tract that uses a number of references from Psalm 90 to expose the condition of mankind without God and God’s grace towards us.
Produced for distribution on the twelfth July parades in Northern Ireland. This shows the contrast between the celebration of an earthly king and victory which passes and the victory of the King of kings two thousand years ago.
This is a tract using only scriptures to tell the whole gospel message using suitable headings. The translation used is the ESV.

Recommended Books

This is an excellent book which documents the author’s own struggle to determine the reliability and accuracy of the Bible. Having quizzed many experts on the documentary, archaeological and medical evidence for what the Bible says (to name a few) he is forced to conclude that the Bible we have today is a thoroughly reliable book. Well worth a read if you are struggling with these questions.
This is a very helpful book making clear what worship really is (and not what many think it is) and how it is the Christian’s purpose for existence.

Recommended Websites

An excellent site with an abundance of recordings of gospel preaching’s and addresses. Administered and owned by A.White.
An interesting site containing many personal studies on a variety of topics. Administered and owned by S.Noble.
A very helpful site for answering those many questions about science, the Bible, the Theory of Evolution and Creation. Articles by PhD scientists and helpful videos will enable you to see how science actually confirms Biblical history rather than attacking it. The website for Creation Ministries International.